The Nordic Women Mediators Network

Nordic Women Mediators – Norway

NWM Norway is part of the Nordic Women Mediators (NWM) network. The mission of the Norwegian network is to enable the inclusion and influential participation of women mediators and peacebuilders in all phases of peace and dialogue processes to achieve sustainable peace.

NWM Norway is a diverse national network of some 50 professional women with different backgrounds and expertise in mediation, peace operations and peacebuilding. They range from diplomats and lawyers to military and police officers to thematic experts, communications and logistics specialists. Members either have direct experience from being on mediation teams or have directly supported peace processes. The membership’s diversity is also reflected in the members’ language competences, where they are in their careers, and which processes they have been involved in. Members have experience from different levels and aspects of processes in for example Afghanistan, the Balkans, Colombia, Cyprus, Guatemala, Iraq, Israel-Palestine, Myanmar, Nepal, the Philippines, South Sudan, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Syria and Yemen.

The objectives of NWM Norway are to:

  1. Strengthen women's participation in peace processes at all levels
  2. Strengthen Nordic women actively involved in international peace-making efforts