The Nordic Women Mediators Network

Nordic Women Mediators – Denmark

The annual meeting of the Nordic Women Mediators was held in Copenhagen on 21–22 November 2018.

NWM Denmark is a network consisting of 20 members working with peacebuilding, mediation and conflict resolution. The members have very diverse professional backgrounds, including the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Denmark, multilateral and regional organizations such as the UN and EU, civil society, academia, the police and military. Hence, the diverse expertise of the members are relevant to all phases of peace processes.

The aim of the NWM Denmark is threefold: First, to support local women in conflict areas’ participation in peacebuilding processes, including peace negotiations; second, to support Danish women's participation in international conflict resolution, peace mediation and peacebuilding; third, to strengthen the capabilities of the members. These goals are sought to be achieved through three main activities: 1) knowledge and experience sharing, 2) professionalization, and 3) giving input to decisions and opinion makers, among other things through advocacy.

The NWM Denmark meet regularly to share experiences, prepare advocacy activities and discuss current processes e.g. of Women Peace and Security strategies. Each year, the network selects a steering group of three or four people who have the overall strategic responsibility of the network and primarily ensure that the content of the meetings is relevant and directly linked to one of the three aims of the network. Center for Resolution of International Conflicts (CRIC) is the operational for the NWM-Denmark.