The Nordic Women Mediators Network

Nordic Women Mediators – Finland

NWM Finland is a network of 16 leading professionals in peace and security that share the vision and mission of the Nordic network and works towards realizing them in Finland and abroad.

The membership comprises sixteen leading professionals in peace and security, with expertise ranging from civilian crisis management and international law to diplomacy and peace mediation. Members of NWM Finland come from diverse professional backgrounds, including the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, multilateral and regional organisations such as the UN and OSCE, civil society and Finnish political life.

The diversity of the network can also be seen in the vast thematic expertise of its members, relevant to all phases of peace processes. The expertise found in the network covers topics such as monitoring and reporting on conflicts and peace processes, environmental security, peace operations, rights of national minorities, political advocacy, and the design of inclusive, multilateral and multi-level dialogue and mediation processes.

The overarching aim of NWM Finland is to promote the inclusive and meaningful participation of women in all phases of peace processes and to advance the engagement of Finnish professionals in support for peace globally. In practice, the network advances these goals through targeted action and political advocacy, and through partnerships within the Nordic Women Mediators, other regional mediator networks and peace actors in conflict-affected countries.